Brand your NGO. This was my single-minded message at the Green European Foundation workshop in Athens, Greece.

The Green European Foundation (GEF) is a European-level political foundation whose mission is to contribute to a lively European sphere of debate and to foster greater involvement by citizens in European politics.

GEF strives to mainstream discussions on European policies and politics both within and beyond the Green political family. The foundation acts as a laboratory for new ideas, offers cross-border political education and a platform for cooperation and exchange at the European level.

With this opportunity, I presented Branding & Fundraising techniques and best cases to participating organisations to apply. Here’s the presentation that was used in the participant’s workshop: Green European Foundation – Branding & Fundraising – Athens 29/09/17 from Tasos Pagakis

NGOs are Brands too. They carry a promise, they aim for causes and solutions. Addressed to, for, and by people and audiences. So, if they don’t deliver an experience, they can’t gain attention, interest, desire, and action.

The Athens’ training invited grassroots organisations all over Europe who are working on topics around migration, refugees or asylum seekers, and who often lack the capacities to obtain the necessary funding for their important work.