February 2018. I was honored to be invited to speak at The American College of Greece-Deree Masterclass series. It was a 4-hour dynamic and 100% practical/real-life exchange with graduate students from the Master (MA) in Strategic Communication & Public Relations and the Master (MA) in Digital Communication & Social Media.

In my presentation entitled “The on-going Marketing & Communication transformation” we’ve gone through the challenges that Brands and Organizations face amidst the rapid and pervasive changes of the digital era, touching on both strategies and procedures and pointing on best practices as well as successful case studies.

In today’s world of exponential change, organisations that get too comfortable with the status quo are at major risk of disruption. If you’re not experimenting and, if you’re not asking questions about how your organisation is navigating and plugging into disruption, forming new ecosystems, and tapping into open markets, then your organisation is at risk.
Andrew Vaz | Global Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte.

It wasn’t theoretical at all. I’ve described them the two-years transformation project that the global Communication & Marketing community of Ericsson went-through, combining a change in Strategy, in Execution and in Talent. I lived it through, I worked and planned for it and by describing this story and consequences I wanted to make them realize their role as future execs of our companies. Their role and open-minded approach they should have in the on-going transformation for the next 20 years (at least).