December 2017. Invited as a keynote speaker to the Regeneration’s special event for inspiring the selected candidates. 350 well-trained hopefuls, ready to be trained, and join the corporate world.

My bold start: Growth shifts like never before. Disruptions accelerate. The new societal deal is here. Powerful forces disrupt Companies, Owners, Change-makers, and careers. Don’t go there alone. You need nothing but thoughtful, expert, measured, and actionable responses.

First, it was the music stores. Disrupted. Faded.

Then, it was the media, newspapers, and sharing information.

We see big retailers closing down, all over the world. Something isn’t right?

Billion of apps, while we use only our 3 precious ones. The smart ball of Adidas will take over the athletes’ training.

Fantasizing about the future is one of my favorite pastimes.


It is a new kind of Creativity. Employees (need to) change tasks and skills every two years.

A creative designer sketches the next human body parts.

A medical doctor is trained on a heart surgery simulator, on his iPad.

Machine to Machine will drive Growth and Sustainability for Nations. What do you in this context? Sit and wait!?

Here’s the visual part of the Regeneration by Global Shapers – Training day – Dec 2017