It was my pleasure to participate in e-Life Kids 2018 sharing some thoughts and stimuli about our children, the next talent, addressing students, parents and their teachers. I told them …in a few words … that Growth is constantly shifting. The twists and turns speed up. A new social agreement is here. Strong forces change companies, plans, methods and careers.

My main pitch in essence: don’t hear anyone’s advice coming from a world that was built 30 years ago, and is no longer viable (sustainable). Search. Ask different people. What profession do they do? How does it evolve? What qualifications are required to move professionally in the XYZ area? What do you really like? How would you like it to be? How exactly do you imagine the reality for which you are asking and learning feedback? If you are interested in surviving, distinguishing, and creating… there is no other way.

The skills needed to succeed in today’s world and in the Future are Curiosity, Creativity, taking Initiative, multi-disciplinary thinking and Empathy
Tiffany Shlain, Founder of Webby Awards.

Don’t miss yourself in the old school-support tutorials-read-exams routine without knowing what is your desired path. Ah! Don’t forget. The old-timers ‘recipe’ high school, university, bachelor, postgraduate -in that sequence- does not work anymore for success.

Your orientation isn’t to fill in a CV but to find a meaningful purpose. So, don’t follow the ‘herd’, check the below video.

And here’s my view on the issue as published in the Borrow My Brain podcast series: