AIESEC was founded way back in 1948 in 7 European countries. Now, 65 years later they are present in over 120 countries and are still growing (learn more here-video). It is a global volunteer organization for young people, to develop their leadership potential. Exactly what the young talent needs in the transforming world: stimuli, experience, and positive thinking.

They are doing an excellent work, with programs that have a practical impact:

  • Global Entrepreneur: any startup founder can get access to talented young leaders across the world, through the AIESEC network.
  • Private Corporations or NGO’s: they partner with AIESEC on finding the right interns; on co-working on a project for sustainable issues.
  • Global volunteer: any young member can go for six weeks (minimum) to other countries and work on Sustainable Development Goals projects
  • Global talent: internships abroad so as to get experience and cultural proximity in foreign markets.

In March 2018 I was invited to become part of their SG committee. It is really an honour and a purpose for me. It is a quite rejuvenating experience to see the future leaders in action; working like a well-oiled machine!

You treat people with dignity and respect and they give it right back to you
Bill McDermottdum

Besides my time and brains I have had nothing else to give them, so we arranged to pass together 5 full working days and help them in the Marketing & Communications annual plans. We brainstormed; we questioned routine; we’ve developed new ways of working and hopefully I’ve managed to help them become more productive and efficient.

But above all, I was the one who got stamina and a positive push. It worths fighting -in a non-sustainable world- for the next generation. They have much more good qualities than we do. Sometimes they might be a little stubborn, in their learning curve, but they can do magic.

And of course, as always, we don’t refer to majorities. The future world will be driven by communities of Value, Tolerance, and Respect (I sincerely hope so – this is what I’m trying to…).

Thanks AIESEC for having me on your team!