CruiseInn is the first entrepreneurial & business education programme combined with a unique cruise experience around the Aegean Sea. The 55 hand-picked participants had the opportunity to get inspired and learn from the experts through interactive workshops and inspirational talks and met local innovation system at on-islands special events (Mykonos, Santorini, Crete).

A big shout-out to Celestyal Cruises, the cruise operator for the Greek Islands, Turkey and Cuba. They sponsored the event; they nurtured Talent and they placed their own business digital transformation as a project (that’s bold and innovative stance). The quote below is for them! Also my ‘hats-off’ to the organizing committee (Stavros Tsompanidis, Leon Gavalas, Maria Bartza, and Christina Kanellopoulou).


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower
Steve Jobs

But what is the really different thing about Cruise Inn against hundreds of other (tech-only) startup events? They are offering this participation with a small fee, that ensures the quality of participants (yes, paid is a guaranteed model). Then, they let you work for your project, but they also call upon and assign digital transformation challenging projects on behalf of their partner-companies (examples: e-Food diversification line promo, Santos vineyards in Santorini optimizing customers with digital media, and Aldemar hotel in Crete).

So being part of the Cruise Inn team means, you get many chances to think, plan, and work for real-life projects instead of working for the pseudo-American startup symbol of “teams in a garage working on the next Apple“.

I was there to present and workshop on the Branding and PR off-and-online. It was a great, relaxing, human experience. I mentored the teams for their pitching design and delivery.


Can’t describe it enough. Picture this: you are on-board, on-deck working and talking to friends, always having the sea breeze on your face.

Thank you, team, for inviting me on this great experience. It was a rejuvenating one, with a sense of purpose.