23/07/2018. Disaster night. The wildfire left us with a real human catastrophe.

I’m writing being angry, but very sad. This post is here to stay, for haunting our memories.

Haunted memories for dear Ellie and many others who lost their lives. People who have lost their homes in the fire.

Haunted memories for victims: 61 dead people (13:16, 24/07) and 172 severely wounded. – Edit 12:36, 26/07: 81 dead. Final report: 102 dead people.

Imagine, a non-existent political protection risk plan. The absence of a crisis management plan.

Haunted memories for people scrambling to the sea as the blaze approached the shore. In panic.

Others blocked by smoke and flames. Thank god, that hundreds of people were rescued by passing boats.

The most shocking phrase: “They were found embraced and charred”

Haunted memories for the red fired-sky for 9 hours in the night. We’ve passed all night having at hand the car keys, ready to escape.

We won’t forget the uncoordinated political personnel, succeeding only to announce roads’ closure and the state of emergency.

I want the world to know, that when a disaster happens in Greece, authorities of any kind only do meetings. In a time of crisis, you really show what you are made of…

Our haunted memories will include the failed Regional governor, the Marathon’s Mayor, and the political protection personnel (do they have any guilt feeling?).

We will continue living in a former green area, which will be totally black.

With black haunted memories… with the most shocking image of this tragedy: “They were found embraced and charred“.