Community manager (copywriter), Creators, Social media expert, adveritisng creative executive, etc…. Your lesson today is the below photo:


It says the following:

No. You don’t write a landing page, nor a newsletter. You don’t write a product copy for the e-shop.

You don’t succeed in a template of a complaint-tackle e-mail.

It’s not that you don’t own the writing skills. It’s not that you weren’t trained by the best. No, no.

It’s the fact, that you have the wrong perception for what you do.

Every product has a unique personality and it is your job to find it

You are assigned to craft Creative ways that move people’s emotions.

This was always the job of a copywriter, content marketer, online creator, community manager.

This will even be the future of A.I scripts…

My dear ‘digital-guru’, Brands weren’t built on the copy-paste. Not by routine.

They always employed a mental craftmanship that you can’t learn in the latest webinar on “how to create content that rocks”.

Sorry! That’s the truth….