Google estimates more than 130 trillion web pages. Demonstrating the enormity of the web, the company updated its How search works page, calling attention to the number of identifiable pages on the Web.

Cisco Systems estimates that global Internet traffic in 2020 will equal 95 times the volume of the entire global Internet in 2005. Globally, Internet traffic will reach 21-GB per capita by 2020.

Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will account for two-thirds of total IP traffic by 2020.

Now, I’m sure: your 26 years old Community Manager’s content marketing strategies will thrive! (…it’s a joke of course)

All Digital summits agree that sometimes content just doesn’t work, even if you do everything right. Sometimes campaigns fall flat, or the Brand idea isn’t so likeable. Sometimes, the Brand can’t offer something unique or perceived as being unique in what it does.

The 76% of global Marketers see Content as their No1 challenge. Same time, they worry that there are lots of data, research to use in content marketing. But who can read and analyze those from a business and strategic perspective?

Most websites refer to UX with plug-ins, landing pages, and nice product photos. No downloadable materials, no own media content, no quizzes and other shareable content!

Now, I’m sure: your Content is boring but you don’t know it, and your agency doesn’t tell you, fearing a new pitch!

Continue what you were doing. In the end, you’ll surely get a Digital Creative Award in a mediocre market. No, the Brand isn’t important.

Dear agency leader, Brands come and go (in your clientele), right?